LINN SELECT not found in QNAP core

I was enjoying roon until yesterday.
It’s a great system.
A must for music fans.
Not so today.
Because I can’t find LINN SELEKT from the core installed on my qnap.
Strangely enough, core finds it as AirPlay.
Also, there is no problem with LINN’s genuine app.
Only roon doesn’t find LINN SELEKT as an endpoint.
I had no choice but to restart LINN SELEKT, core, and QNAP.
I also turned off the QNAP firewall.
I can’t think of a better way.
what else should i do?
thank you.

I also have a Linn and a QNAP. What normally helps is to shut down everything including the router. Leave the router unplugged for 30 sec. than turn is on again. Than turn on the rest.

When Roon can’t see the Linn it is normally that Linn has lost the ethernet connection.


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Check the setting ”Subnet for Linn streaming” from Roon settings. If it has more than one option, try them all.


Thanks for the reply, Torben.
Your advice has been implemented before the question.
AirPlay is connectable.
So it is unlikely that LINN has lost its Ethernet connection.
But I was able to solve it with patouskii’s answer.

Thank you patoskii.
I was able to solve it by following your advice.
I once again realized that computers always have “some kind of beat”.

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Oops, mistranslation.
“something beats” is a Japanese expression.
It means that something changes even though there is no memory of what happened.
In Japan, it’s all about computers.

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