Linn Selekt DSM - Different volume level shown between LAN and USB

When I use the Linn Selekt DSM over LAN it show level 35:

This is this the same level if I look Kazoo up - level 35.

If I than play the same track over USB the level shows 9

If I look Kazoo up - level 35.

It only happens with Roon.

I don’t know why


Your using two completely different playback methods not surprising. Via network your using linns streaming engine which will feed back this info. Via USB your going direct to the DSM’s DAC and it’s likely does not feed back the same or controlling the same volume control. If you use a different app to feed into the DSM via USB does it show the same? What is the volume settings in Roon for the USB connection? Sounds like Roon is using volume from the Nas not on the DSM. Do you seen the volume level on the DSM change when you alter the volume in Roon I don’t mean hear it check the volume level indicator on the DSM?

This is what Linn say about connecting a computer or your case NAS to the USB.

You have two volume controls for this input: one on the PC/MAC and the other on the Linn Klimax DSM. We would advise leaving the PC/MAC volume at 100% and only adjusting the Klimax DSM volume. This will stop any surprises when you change the Klimax DSM to another input such as Radio and suddenly get an extremely loud radio station.

Via USB Roon should be on fixed volume and you control volume from the DSM remote. It’s sounds like DSM doesn’t offer volume control of the preamp via USB.

If I use Kazoo or Linn App there is no problem - both show the same 35 level

The same as for LAN. I have not changed any settings compared to LAN

I am not using any volume control or what so ever from the NAS.

Yes, it does change. But the difference is still there.

This is not the case. When I am using HDMI, Roon is on fix volume than and I have to use the Linn remote to adjust the sound level.

I would expect the same behaviour as HDMI when I am using USB - but that is not the case.

Via usb in from the Nas is what I mean here not over the network. If you use a different player software to output from the Nas to the usb input like Roon is. When using USB input the NAS is the streamer and the Linn is acting as a DAC.

As I posted Linn state to use 100% volume which is equivalent to fixed in Roon and control volume from the Linn when using USB. I don’t think volume control is supported properly from USB, I would ask their Support as Roon will show what it gets back over USB HID control if the connected DAC supports volume control. Most DACs don’t support this and Roon can only use fixed or DSP volume.

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If I use HDMI it works automatically - I don’t have to anything - just Linn remote for level.

That could be the case.

@CrystalGipsy - Thanks for your comments above. Helpful :slight_smile: