Linn stops at end of track

Please add me to the list of the victims suffering the same issue.

Linn Klimax DSM/3 (with Katalyst) owner here, the Linn Klimax is the latest one with the most up-to-date firmware.

Roon server is 1.6 (build 416) Stable 64 bit
MacOS 10.14.5 on MM (late 2012) 16 GB RAM 4 core i5

Note that Linn Kazoo is absolutely fine.

I have exactly the same issue, Linn Klimax Katalyst with the latest firmware.
Roon Server 1.6 64bit running on a MM Mojave 10.14.5, both plugged into an unmanaged Cisco switch.

Note that Linn Kazoo is absolutely fine.

Hi @QuinnT,

I have split your posts into their own thread to take a closer look at this issue. Can you please confirm that you are experiencing the issue where playback stops at exactly 1 second before the track is over or are you experiencing other symptoms as well?

I do not remember that it stops exactly 1 second before each track, but I notice that it happens randomly in some Qobuz playlist, sometimes it carries on to the next track, sometimes it just stops completely and it needs a restart manually.

Yesterday, I tried to reproduce the same issue with the same playlist, and I think the problem would not happen it I restarted the Roon Server, at this point in time, I am not sure how long before it happens again if I keep running the Roon Server.

Hi @QuinnT,

Can you let me know the exact local time + date when this issue next occurs (e.g. 3:56PM on 7/22/19)? I would like to take a look at diagnostics from your Core to verify if this is the same issue we are aware of.

I will do the next time if it happens.

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Hi Noris, what (local) time would it normally happen? I am in the Bay Area of California.

So far so good, everything behaves well. Last Sat was a frustrating day, I could not use Roon on that day, I remember it started some time after lunch.

Hi @QuinnT,

Not sure what you meant by your last message. Just to clarify, when/if this behavior occurs next please let me know the exact local time and date of the occurrence (local time in the Bay Area). Getting the exact timestamp would be the most useful, so that we can take a closer look at just one of the occurrences and see if it is the same issue.

Thanks Noris, I just would like to know what time of the day when “the known issue” occurs? I am not at home all the time, so I want to make arrangement to maximize the chance it would happen.

Hi @QuinnT,

There is no “time of day that the known issue can occur”. The behavior that we are aware of is when the Linn DAC stops at 1 second before triggering the next track, and it appears to randomly occur as far as we can tell. If you notice this behavior occur in one of your listening sessions please note the time that it occurred at and I can confirm via diagnostics if this is the same class of issue vs another type.

Got it, thanks Noris.

@noris, this is happening now, the stream just stops playing a Tidal playlist after a few songs by itself.
the time is 5:25 PM PDT 8/31/19 (1:26 AM BST 9/1/19).

Hi @QuinnT,

Thanks for letting me know those timestamps, I can confirm that the diagnostics have been retrieved and added to our investigation case. I can confirm that you are experiencing the similar behavior as other reports where the track stops one second before switching to the next one.

We have tried to reproduce this behavior in the lab, but have unable to successfully replicate it yet. Is there any specific action(s) that you perform immediately before this behavior occurs?

Thanks @noris.

I just did not do anything special, just let the music play and it happens, and I can understand as to why it is not easy to reproduce. I keep playing music for months and sometimes it just happens nondeterministically.

Thanks for letting me know @QuinnT.

I will check in with the hardware team again, but as mentioned, unless we can make this issue happen at-will or find a set of steps that cause it to occur each time, troubleshooting this will be quite difficult.

If you find any set of steps to reliably reproduce this behavior please do let me know, thanks!

@noris, ack’ed.

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Hi @QuinnT,

I wanted to reach out to you because I have discussed your case a bit further with the technical team and they have activated an additional diagnostics mode for your account, which will hopefully provide some more information when this issue next occurs.

It is still very important that we reproduce this issue in-house, but it is possible that this additional diagnostics info will help.

Can I please ask you to reboot your Core and then let me know the exact local time + date when this behavior next occurs? Thanks!

Thanks @noris, I will reboot my Core and let you know the exact local time when it happens again.

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@noris, Roon Radio just stops playing despite that there are many songs in the queue.

Local time is: 7:52 PM PDT, Date: 30th Sept 2019.

@noris, Roon stops playing a Playlist again despite there are 49 tracks remaining.

Local time is 10:22 PM PDT, Date: 30th Sept 2019.