Linnéa Olsson is Swedish

The cellist Linnéa Olsson is born in Sweden, and plays pop/folk with chamber music influences. Not much metal to be found, and she’s. ot German…

Oh my, there’s a Linnéa Olsson and a different Linnea Olsson. I think that Rovi/TiVo might have got confused.

Yes, so it is!
There’s the “Linnea Olsson”, the Cellist. Swedish and part of a rocking outfit as a collaborator, Isildurs Bane. Has done a few albums of her own, incl. “Ah!”.

And then there’s “Linnéa Olsson” of the metal band “The Oath”. She is also Swedish though, but a guitar player, and the band “The Oath” is Berlin based if i understood correctly, when they were active. (The Oath was a collaboration with German Johanna Sadonis)

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Hi @Mikael_Ollars, I’ve let TiVo know. Will get back to you once they have made corrections.

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Hi @Mikael_Ollars . TiVo made (hopefully) the necessary changes here.

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