Linus does Audiophile - Abyss Headphones

Now if only we can get him to build a good Roon/HQ Player server…

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He’s not Van Pelt and it’s not Torvalds, so who the heck is he?

A Canadian Youtuber who builds computers and reviews parts etc. 9.66M subscribers. Mainly directed to gamers, so the audiophile excursion was interesting. I would like to see him build a powerful HQ Player machine though.

I liked the new office build out…finally a use for my old wobbly ball Mac and ufo and other APE’s…brilliant. Oh and throw in a few iMac screens too…

I use a gutted G5 MacPro as a networking cabinet mounted on the wall has a small UPS and switch and my unify kit in there with a fan on slow speed to circulate air.

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