Linux Fedora vs ROCK

I am currently running ROON on ROCK on a NUC. However I am wondering how much performance I will lose if I switch to Fedora and use a single core to manage thunderbird email filtering. I am eventually going to build a more powerful survey but just wanted to see if I should leave my NUC as is and use a raspberry pi or if it’s okay to multitask my nuc a little

If you have the Pi already, I’d go this route. You probably won’t lose a noticeable amount of performance by doing both on the same on the same host. But you’ll give up the appliance-like experience that you have today with Roon OS. Operating system updates will be on you. May not be a big deal, but in my experience, Roon OS is a little more trouble-free.

I don’t currently have the pi is why i am looking

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My core machine is on Windows and runs Roon core, LMS server and doubles as a NAS for my backups. You can multitask.

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If your machine has plenty of spare cores it is not an issue at all. The machine will handle it. But my preference is just run ROCK and not worry about Roon.