Linux kernel version for current ROCK release

does anyone know the Linux kernel version used in the current ROCK release?

current roonOS version: firmware 1.0 (build 219)



You might find this post useful

@BrianW – thanks for the link but…

i would like to do a firmware update on the USB receiver on my DAC. the DAC manufacturer has tested this update with a “Linux PC on a recent 5.4 linux kernel version” and suggested that i ask what version linux kernel is currently used by roon ROCK

i have a MOCK with the all the latest roon updates installed – so, just wanted to check the specific linux kernel version for this reason before proceeding with the update.


Ahh, I see. I thought you were thinking of tinkering with the OS.

Rock has its own kernel, so I don’t know, but I know a man who does. @danny can you help?

You may want to dump a question in the support forum with your DAC and the firmware version you intend to use. I believe the kernel in ROCK isn’t a generic build so verifying exactly which modules are compiled in and getting verification from support for that DAC and version is a better confirmation than kernel version alone.

It’s Linux 4, but next rev (coming very soon) is 5. Our 4 is heavily patched. What dac is the device in question?

@danny … the DAC is the T+A DAC8 DSD.

any more specific guidance on the timing of the next rev ?

thanks for the help here !!!

The Linux kernel patch for new T+A beta firmware has already been out since 2018, if I’m not mistaken.

I suspect you may need a new firmware instead, so I suggest you check with T+A:

thanks peter!!

i have been in contact with t+a technical support… from what they have said DAC8 DSD firmware 2.60 or later allows the amanero USB receiver update to be effected from the dac front panel buttons and is sufficient for that update.

i currently have ver 2.61 on the DAC, so i should be good on that issue.

however, they have only tested the amanero USB update with a PC running linux with a 5.4 kernel version and, just to be safe, suggested i might want to check w/ roon to see about the kernel in ROCK.

from what i can gather, any upcoming t+a firmware update does not contain this USB receiver update as it causes issues with windows.

also, from your comment is seems Linux kernal patches for future t+a firmware update have already been implemented – hopefully, this makes it similar in functionality to version 5.4 which is the one t+a used to test the amanero update…

@danny …any thoughts here wrt/ ROCK and the amanero update ?

note: the amanero USB receiver update is: firmware_ 2006be11 with the benefit that it will take a native DSD stream from a Linux source… thereby, allowing for native DSD 256 & 512

Please please please @danny get the SMB v3 sorted out when this gets in the wild

Are you already running this firmware? If yes, that should work with an updated/patched kernel for DSD512.

I believe the latest Amanero firmware is 2006be13.

not yet – this is the firmware upadte i am wanting to install on the DAC8 DSD.

t+a has tested 2006be11 and it is sufficient for DSD256/512 with linux. to my knowledge, they have not tested 2006be13.

i have all the latest roon software updates installed … so, if i understand correctly the version 4 linux kernel with all the updates/patches currently in ROCK should work with the amanero firmware_2006be11 update ??


I cannot confirm that. In case you decide to update the Amanero firmware to the version tested by T+A, please report whether this enables you to play DSD512 from current ROCK release, assuming you don’t use Windows.

Some info that may be relevant:

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