Linux/NFS Watched Folder Fails to Update

I just installed Roon on a Debian client on FreeNAS and it looks good except that the watched folder does not seem to update. The folder is my iTunes folder which is backed up from my Mac to the FreeNAS on an AFS share. The same folder is mounted on my Debian VM running on the FreeNAS using NFS. Roon doesn’t update when an album’s folder contents are updated (splitting a FLAC file in a different watched folder) of if iTunes has an album added.

Is there a manual way to scan the entire folder structure in Roon as work around?

Real-time watching only works when the OS provides real-time notifications. Not sure if NFS can do that.

You can forcibly re-scan using this the “Force Rescan” menu item in Settings -> Storage:

That will work but inconvenient. As a feature request, the ability to launch a scan from the command line would be great as would the ability to stop and start Roon. That way I can manage it all in cron.