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I am confused about download of Codecs for my nuc Rock
windows base or Linux
Is the process the same?
Is the decompression app different?


You may have read this already and require a little more help. Here’s the place to start though, the instructions are ROCK specific:

Thanks for the reply.
Yes i saw this and attempted to download.
when i tried the download wasxonly getting a pdf file

This link will get the correct statically linked ffmpeg build:

On my linux box I can extract the directory from the archive using this command:

tar -xf ~/Downloads/ffmpeg-release-amd64-static.tar.xz

If you are on a Windows box this might help: XZ File Format: Extract XZ Files - Corel’s WinZip

I will try this now

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You only need the single ffmpeg file. It has no extension.

It might also need to be double extracted as iirc one archive is inside the orher

Getting the above errror message.

i am downloading to my laptop running on windows
From there i will extract and place in Rock via my laptop

You need a xz archive unarchive program. Your extension is openining with adobe for some reason. You have the right file just not the right app to open it

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This one here

when i download via the link it goes to adobe how do i prevent this??

Don’t double click the file or open the link, this simply causes the rogue file extension association to try to use Acrobat Reader to open it. Instead, fire up the WinZip program and use file->open from there.

ok doing that now

when i type the link in my browser it goes to the download immed there is no doubke clicking done

Can you see the downloaded file in File Manager in your download directory? If you can, try right clicking and using “open with”. Sorry, I’m not a Windows user and this sort of nonsense (your OS, not you) is not making me nostalgic :wink:

Sorry for all the screen shots
all files downloaded this morning came in as pdf
one file from yesterday was not but think this one was windows based

Here’s a quick fix to try. I’ve compressed these as a zip and stuck it onto a server for now. This might be easier to deal with (do ask yourself if you trust me first :wink: ).

will try

got it!
now what?

Double click, this should open automatically using built-in zip support on windows. Then copy the file called ffmpeg across to the ROCK box’s /Data/Codecs directory as per the instructions.