Linux Rock (on NUC) storage and directory discussion

So I setup a new core on my Nuc Using Rock. I have a 500gb M.2 SSD for the operating system (i know it is a waste but at the time it was the same cost as a 256GB and I couldn’t find anything smaller).
I also installed a 2T SSD for internal music storage. From Windows, how do i view the contents of each drive seperately? Currently, when I view the Rock setup from within windows (\rock\Data) and view properties, it shows all the directories together (CODECS, MACHINE SETTINGS, RAAT SERVER, REINSTALL, ROONGOER, ROONOS, ROONSERVER, STORAGE). I thought storage was where i was to move my music files. This makes it look to me like everything is on the same drive. And on windows when i do properties, it shows me that i have way more than 500gb available, Is there a way for me to look at what is on each drive from windows or does windows just look at folders on both drives on that machine?

ROCK does create a Storage folder on the M.2 SSD drive, but this is just a placeholder. Your music files will go on the 2.5" 2TB SSD. You first need to format this drive using the Web Administration interface, and then the root folder will be named InternalStorage and accessible via the network path of \\ROCK\Storage\InternalStorage.