Linux Roon Control GUI Please [not on roadmap, you may try to use Wine]


I wouldn’t generally post something like that, but if Roon Labs “doesn’t see the demand”, what choice do I have?

With regards to the rhetorical question “Have you seen our UI?”
My answer is no. Even though I am a paying customer, I have never seen Roon as a desktop UI and likely never will. I’m sure I’m missing out, but the fact of the matter is that I have no (other) use for Mac or Windows. I knew there was no linux desktop client when I decided to shell out and am not complaining about being misled, but it would definitely be very nice. The remote on my iPhone is currently my only option.

Further to that point, part of the reason I purchased was because of Roon Bridge’s compatibility with Raspberry Pi. I may have been able to overlook the existence of the Roon Remote and justify the purchase anyway, but I am very confident that for every customer like me, there have been many others that were drawn to Roon due to server/bridge linux compatibility but then opted not to purchase due to lack of client compatibility. Roon has thus almost served an underserved niche market, and it seems a shame not to finish the job. The fact that Tidal itself does not have a Linux client makes this a really golden opportunity to bring a great listening platform to linux users.

Also, I can’t say that I am deeply familiar with the software architecture of Roon Remote specifically, but given that it has already been developed it for 4 very different platforms, I find it hard to believe that significant technical hurdles exist that prevent a linux client from coming into existence. Then again, I do not know what Roon Desktop actually looks like.


At least give us Linux folk a HTML5 front-end…
Hell… just make one front-end that’s HTML5, and have all devices use that for control…


I think mentions HTML5 performance limitations.

Agreed though, a Linux desktop client should be on the cards. Right now if you’re a Linux user you’re locked out of ability to do metadata editing other than by way of tablet (wholly inadequate) and you’re unable to interact with Roon from your PC. Kind of relegates Roon to just being a playback engine unless I’m sitting down at the hi-fi altar to listen.

Thanks Evan…

I feel as if the explanation needs clarification…

If there are performance issues with they say “the performance isn’t adequate to execute the types of UI designs that we like to build” it could be interpreted as you did in our whatsapp chat: rendering on the browser… And you know my response to that.

I, however, take it to possibly mean that the system back-end/server-side is not optimized to take the load of the queries and requests, causing the performance issues.
This can be resolved… I’d be willing to help them for free, even though it’s part of my day job to corporate enterprises.

Why not add the roon web interface extension to your core this will allow control from Linux via browser. Not as elegant as the proper ui but it works.

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I’ve migrated away from Windoz to Ubuntu as my primary desktop OS and all it is missing is the beautiful Roon Player. The Linux install base is growing every year. I seems like the OSX client could be used as a code starting point for the Linux client because OSX was built on BSD Linux. Anyone else out there like to have a Linux Roon client?

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macOS is build on Darwin - a BSD kernel derivative. It is NOT a Linux kernel.

macOS uses their own graphics user space API (Cocoa). Modern Linux desktops primarily use Qt (KDE Plasma, LXQT) or GTK (Unity, Gnome, XFCE).

macOS uses BSD style posix user space tools. Linux systems use GNU style user space tools.

And there are many, many other core differences that matter to developers. Using macOS desktop applications as a basis for Linux development is about as useful as using Windows desktop applications as a basis for Linux development.

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Linux = … Linux

If Roon could have a webUI more like RompR, it would be awesome.
Only reason I haven’t dropped Roon for RompR is the Audeze DSP :stuck_out_tongue:

Link or how to?

I’ve long wanted a Linux based Roon UI. My core sits on a qnap NAS which in all other respects I use as a regular pc to browse, watch video etc.

Am aware of the Roon extension possibility but setting it up looked a bit beyond my limited (I.e. zero) command prompt type ability …

Taking the view internet/ mobile driven Roon is in the works and this is all we really need to address the issue

Eagerly awaiting some kind of solution. As it stands, Roon is the only reason I’m still on Windows.

Web UI is the solution right now. Works perfectly fine.

I would very much like to see Linux desktop integration too. I wouldn’t shell out for Roon otherwise, not enough bang for the buck. For now MPD on RPi + DigiOne works perfectly fine and I’ve got heaps of native clients available: gui, curses, cli, your choice.

Just run the client under Wine because you can be sure there will never be a native Linux desktop client.

I’d love to have a native Linux roon GUI …
For now I use Wine & roon it works quite well but it’s not the best solution

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Yeah, but no thanks. I know I can run it under Wine or in a virtual machine but it’s all too clunky, malware compatible solutions. I’d rather hope for a Flatpak for example, a sandbox with all its dependencies. I know it’s difficult to prepare a package for all the various distros out there.

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I’d be quite happy for Roon to dictate what libs they need for a Linux desktop app to work, until then I run it using Wine on my Ryzen-based Linux workstation.