Linux Roon Core 1.8 Update stuck in download phase [Resolved]

Hi, I am trying to update my Linux Roon core to 1.8 but the progress bar has been stuck half way for hours now and the status is still set to downloading. My remotes which I updated to 1.8 report the same status and the one that is still on 1.7 cannot find the core anymore. A bit hesitant to bounce the process/box…

Never mind, panic over. I bounced the service and the download completed

Hello @Philippe_Kouessan-Et, and welcome to the community! Glad you got it going, please let us know if you have any further issues.

I’m experiencing this exact issue. What do you mean by “bounced the service” as clearly I need to do the same.

I ran these commands:

sudo service roonserver stop
sudo service roonserver start

I’m running Ubuntu

Ah ok, so am I, those commands worked for me, thank you very much.

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