Linux/RoonBridge stopped working after update to 1.8

While realizing it is the holiday season (happy holidays!) and many probably are … well on holiday. @noris @beka Do you have any comments on the feedback shared by @user21 and/or an estimate on when you might be able to come back with more information (perhaps even a solution)?


@user21 - Are you saying that Kernel 5.10 did not work on Debian 9/10/11? Did you get the same error?

@TheRealMuffin - Let me check with the team to see if we have any updates on their end.

Happy Holidays!

It is not about the kernel’s version, it is about some options in kernel’s config before compiling.

Hi @user21 ,

Thanks for that clarification, can you please let us know what options you have available? Is it possible for you to share a screenshot?

I have moved to another platform now and solved this problem long time ago, I cannot remember which option(s) is necessary for this function. Should be network related or something.

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@noris Do you have any updates on this issue? I would expect the RoonBridge to have some debug modus that would provide some better insight into what is causing this failure (and perhaps enable us to help the development team).