Linux server in its own partition

I’m setting up my NUC to boot different linux distributions and want to “move” my roonserver transparently between the distributions by setting up an ext4 partition mounted /Roon for each distro. /Roon would contain my music Library the roonserver, normally in /opt and roon data, normally in /var/roon. So I would have something like


This looks fairly easy to do, just by modifying the script.

Any one tried to do this? If so, do upgrades still work? If needed, I could always make symlinks from /opt/RoonServer and /var/roon to the /Roon directories. Would also need a symlink from /etc/systemd/system/roonserver.service to the modified /Rooon/etc/systemd/system/roonserver.service.

Due to its nature, this thread is possibly better placed in the #tinkering section of the forum (@moderators)?

As of my understanding, the Roon software is provided as is with limited support for tweaking. Users a free to tinker around with the scripts but things may break.
Some of the information given in Installing Roon on Linux seem to be outdated, namely the section called “Configuring the Data Location”. Having a quick glance at the install script, it seems that there are way to much hard coded paths where I would expect the variable $ROON_DATAROOT to be used. Also the (hidden) directories in $HOME seem to be defunct/no longer used in favor of /var/Roon. As there is no current documentation and hard coded paths where variables are expected already in the install script, there are possibly more unwelcome surprises hidden in the software itself. So I wouldn’t trust any changed shell scripts and try to leave everything as is (leave the Roon software in the believe that this is a standard installation). Use symlinking to redirect access to the known used locations to the ones you want to use instead is probably your safest way to go with this.

Ugly but techically you could fstab the roon dirs to a location of your liking. Could/should deal with hardcoded paths.

I probably wouldnt try to the alter the script either as BlackJack calls out potentially hidden traps today and most likely in future.

I moved this to Tinkering as it may get some additional visibility.