List albums with no genre

None of my tagged WAV files have genre tagged so ROON is doing that.

I get instances where the genre isnt found (have examples where the same artist has some albums with the genre set to “blues” and other albums with it not set).

If I drill down in ROON via genre, I would have expected to see a grouping called say “unknown genre”.

How can I get a drill down of albums with no genre so I can correct them?



Hi Peter,

Go to the Album Browser and select Focus at the top left of the screen. Then at the bottom right of the pop up window select Inspector. There you should click “Has Genre”. Then click on the + sign and make it a -. This will give you all the albums without a genre.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

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thanks for that!!!

Have a virtual Beer on me…

Thanks Peter,

It was delicious!

Cheers, Greg