List of Albums by Composer

I spent a good deal of time creating a focus that is about what I want. A listing of ‘classical’ composers sorted by last name. The primary focus was to allow me to see which albums I had for each composer on my local disk. I could then decide what I would like to buy next. Here is the resulting view:

What I had expected was to click on a composer and see which albums I had for that composer. Is there any way to do that? What I get are details of the composer.

Hi Jon,

on the composer page you only see the compositions for that composer. For albums that contain works of a given composer you can go to the album view and focus on the composer.

Thank you this is very helpful. I think the only way to do this though would be to select each of the composers I am interested in. In this case, composers before a certain date. I assume this is what you mean:

Assuming for the moment that Jascha Heifetz is not a composer, then I have another question to post about changing the composer for an album, I will get to that later. Thank you for your help.

One addition, now the albums are not sorted by composer and there is no way to do that with this view. Is that correct?

I want a view of Composers where when I click on Mozart, I get all the Mozart albums in my collection. I assume this is what you are asking for was well. I think there is a Feature Request already existing.

Thank you very much. I guess I am like many others. The more I use Roon, the more I like it, and the more I want…

Really what would be good is for Roon to get a public domain implementation of a boolean search function and put a nice UI on it and be done with sort, search, filter…

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Yes yes yes! I’m eagerly awaiting and/or functionality with tags. My tagging system has maxed out its capability until that is available.

Also vote 1 also for albums lists for composers. Exactly for your reason.

I am not sure if this is the right place, but it never hurts to ask. The boolean functions I am talking about broadly are at the top of my feature list followed by full documentation on-line and PDF that is fully searchable across topics. This later feature would save what have to be very scarce resources at Roon a lot of work.

So to the question/point. Does Roon take free software provided to it and let people help? Red Hat and lots of other companies take user contributions, I just don’t know about Roon.

Just my 2₵

One obvious problem with my post above I just noticed. Depending on the number of items used to create the focus, one or more lines of the contents are obscured. You can see that in the screen shot I posted.

What I do is add the composer as a primary artist to the album

Downside of course is that there are many albums with multiple composers.