List of available albums in each genre

When you open up a specific GENRE, (JAZZ for instance), you can not see all the JAZZ ALBUMS and simply scroll to the one you want (look at how JRIVER shows its albums). You get various sub menus of different kinds of JAZZ, with lists of artists names , etc, but i need to simply have all the JAZZ ALBUMS loaded on one screen that i can continuosly scroll down until i find the one i want. Under the menu file there is a global ALBUM heading that does do what i am refering to, but i need it for EACH GENRE.

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Have you tried Focusing on Genre = Jazz in the Album view?

Or clicking “See All x Albums” in the Jazz Genre page? :smile:

Yes, but that’s a more involved process in terms of finding the links to click. For instance, it always takes me some time to (visually) find the genre that I’m interested (which is why I would prefer an alphabetical list, or the option of a list).

OP can focus on Genre = Jazz and save a bookmark. Reduces it to two clicks.

Different sort modes for Genres is definitely something I’ll look into adding. Right now, it’s sorted by the total album count for each genre, descending. We thought this was a good default since your most relevant genres should be at the top. I see the frustration though if you’re looking for a genre that’s not near the top. It can just be lost in the mix of genres seemingly randomly.