List of liked music from Roon Radio

When using Roon Radio, if a song from Qobuz (or Tidal if you use it) comes on that I like I press the thumbs up button (not the thumbs up for the next song, but the thumbs up next to “Picked by Roon Radio”), but there is no where to find a list of these tracks. Currently I have to click the three dots to the right, select add to playlist and then select a custom playlist that I created called “Liked from Radio.” While this is not that difficult, if I am busy or in the middle of something it becomes annoying. I would love to just click the thumbs up icon and have the track be on a list somewhere so that I can remember it and listen to it again. Or maybe have a separate button that adds it to a list, but does not require a thumbs up or thumbs down. Either way works for me, I just want a one-click solution to add these tracks to a list. Is this possible? Thanks!