List of Music Folders

Hello everybody.
Is there a easy way to print the list of all my music folders that I have stocked in ROON?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Make sure that you have “Path” selected for display in the Track browser, then Export all your tracks to an Excel spreadsheet and look at the Path column? It does give the entire path, rather than just the album folder, but it may be a start.

Maybe I do not understand your answer or I did not ask my question the right way.
Here are precision : if I go in SETTINGS and choose STOCKAGE I see a list of the folders I added in my Roon stockage but it is a list not well presented. I just want to print the list of those folders. Could you tell me how to print or to see my list of all my stockage music folders?
Thank you.

Sorry, I misunderstood your original question - rather than “all” your music folders, you mean just the top-level folders listed in Settings/Storage? Then, sorry, there’s no easy way as far as I can see.

Thank you Geoff. Yes I would like to get the list of all the music folders I put in stockage. I have many music small folders in my hdds pc that I added in Roon stockage and I would like to print the list of these music folders.
I think it would be a very useful simple feature to add to Roon. Don’t you think this would be great, Geoff?

I’ve moved this request to the Feature Request category of the forum. Here, all feature requests will be read by the Roon Labs team. They very rarely respond directly to a request, but they do read them all.

Thank you. If by any chance there is a way to get this list of my music folders in stockage in Roon easily printable or easy to consult, please let me know.

The easiest/only way right now is probably to take a screenshot of Roon’s Settings|Storage screen:

Create a screenshot

If on OSX use these instructions to create the screenshot

If on Windows use these instructions to create the screenshot

I don’t see why Roon would be used to display the directory structure of the folders selected as sources for music. To what end? Roon already shows you the top level directories in the “Storage” section of settings. The owner of the computer is certainly free to map out the directory structure of any folder listed in the “Storage” section of settings themselves. I am for adding useful features to Roon but this would just add bloat to Roon and serve no useful purpose for most users Roon.

Well, as I said, I added many music folders during months and when I look at Roon’s Settings|Storage screen, I see just a window that I have to roll to see everything; maybe there is another way to get all the list, but I do not know how.
Of course, this is not an absolute necessity, but if users like me have added many music folders, it could help to see all these folders at the same time, no need to roll for the list.

I’m curious to know why you have so many top-level folders? I have just one.

Move all the folders under one directory and they will all be discoverable from your OS.

I have four:

One for the main Music folder of my core that I cannot delete but is always disabled. One for lossless albums and tracks. One for lossy albums and tracks. Finally, one for testing and music that is temporarily on my Core.

The lossless and lossy folders are in the disabled main “Music” folder so I could enable the “Music” folder and disable or delete these. But, I like to use Focus to see what lossy content I have not replaced with lossless versions. Most of my lossy content is from iTunes and likely will never be repacked by lossless content since they are usually single tracks and not albums. But I still like to look and see what lossy tracks I have been listening to often enough to justify buying albums and getting better masterings.