List of offline files

After a hard drive crash about 20% of the files in my music library are missing. It’s not a big agony, but I would like to make a list of the files that I’ve not restored from backup so I can verify that I’m not missing anything.

Is there a way for Roon to tell me which files it’s unable to locate? Focus and Inspector, unfortunately, cannot.

Hey @Tore_Saetre,

Your library in Roon is going to be a reflection of what is currently in your watched folders. If there are files that were previously in your Roon library but they’re now no longer in your watched folder, these will not display in Roon.

While we can’t see the specific files that may be missing, you may be able to get a good idea of the success of the restoration process by going to Settings > Library > Clean Up Library. The middle option here is “Clean up X files that are not associated with a storage location”. This will tell you how many files are in your Roon database but are not found in a storage location. Please note that you do not want to proceed with the library cleanup here. You only want to reference the number.


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