List of RAAT endpoint / destination devices?

Pardon my ignorance, but I looked in the forums and all I found was “we’re adding a list of Roon-ready devices to the site,” but that doesn’t necessarily tell me which of those devices use RAAT. One of the main reasons that I switched to Room from jRiver was that the latter would periodically swap my DLNA stream from CD-quality to MP3 without telling me!

I’d prefer to use RAAT so that doesn’t happen, but not all “Roon-Ready” devices use RAAT.

Ideally, I’d prefer to use my own DAC, but to get the music from Roon to the DAC, I need a RAAT-compatible (and hopefully inexpensive) Roon destination. Again, preferably, I’d like to have a coaxial digital output on my destination so that I don’t need to have TOSLINK or USB devices in the bitstream.

So my question is “Is there a list of currently available RAAT devices, and if so, where?”

Thanks - Boomzilla - are you by any chance the same boomzilla of Emotiva forum?

Raspberry Pi with Ropieee OS is a good place to start on the cheep and cheerful side of things with a HAT. You could also use Allo DigiOne too.

I am.

Thanks - I’ll look at the Pi and the DigiOne.