List of recently played Roon Radio stations

Unless I’ve missed it (i’m still in my trial period), there doesn’t seem to be a list of the recent Roon Radio stations I’ve listened to.

What I’d like to see: In my recent activity, or even in it’s own section under My Stuff, a list of recent radio stations I’ve played, showing the seed song, with one-click access to re-generate and begin playback of the station. (this is something I used very often with Google Play Music and have never found a replacement for - radio stations on Tidal/Spotify/etc seem to be the same every time I start them. I haven’t used Roon long enough to know how true this will or won’t be)

What I currently see:

  • A list of recently played tracks/albums on my home screen, which includes the songs/albums I used to see radio stations, but I have to click into them before i’m able to begin a new radio session
  • A full list of recently played tracks, including those chosen by Roon Radio