List of what all the filters do

I know, everyone says to try different ones to see what you like… ok, but there are a ton and many times the differences are very subtle. I was wondering/hoping that there might be a list of what to expect from each of the filters and HQ Player settings.

I recently upgraded to version 4 and there are even more filters :slight_smile:

If this has already been done and I missed it, sorry… if someone has this type of list then thank you!

Randy, take a look at HQP manual. There is a new column.

Thank you… I just upgraded to version 4 the other day and have not reviewed the manual as of yet :slight_smile: .

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If you were on 3 and are now on 4 and you are doing DSD upsampling, then the first thing to check out is ASDM7ECv2 with poly-sinc-ext2, imho.


Awesome and I am doing DSD512x48 up-sampling. Thank you, I will try these out.

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You should try this:

Integrator: IIR2
Conversion: XFi
1x Filter: poly-sinc-gaus-xla
Nx Filter: poly-sinc-gaus-hires-lp
Modulator: ASDM7ECv2

I am getting phenomenal results with this setup with PCM and DSD converted to DSD256.

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Ok will give it a go


Did you those settings yet?

Yes, not bad. Did not give it a ton of listening time though.

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I wish they could add a column indicating a level of resource usage. Levels of demand on processing power. Or at least a description.