List of your collection on your phone when you're out and about

I enjoy spending time in the local record shops, but invariably I don’t remember if I own a particular album or not. Please forgive my ignorance if this is easy, but does Roon have a way I can view my list/database on my phone while I’m out at record stores, with no WiFi access?

I know Music Collector CLZ has this ability (if you pay for it), and I have created some .pdf files of my collection via iTunes and can view those on my phone, but truly curious if Roon has some way for me to do this.

Thanks in advance, and apologies if this has been talked about before. I did some searches but couldn’t find anything.



As far as I know there’s no way at present, would be handy for us hoarders.

Well, you could export your library to Excel, and then use Mobile Excel on your phone to view your collection?

Yip, if exporting your library from anything other than a PC or Mac were possible

I use an odd solution for this.

Google play music allows you to upload your music to the cloud and use with no subscription fee, there is also a small desktop app that watches your folders for new additions.

To see if i have an album all i need to do is open google play music and search

It is a bit unconventional and I think if you had a super large library it might max out the free storage google provides. But it works really well as an on the go way of viewing your library (and listening to it at 320kbs ogg).

Added to the discogs apps I have my digital and vinyl collections with me at all times.

Ha, I have the same problem periodically when I am out perusing the used CD racks. I come across a CD that I have wanted to add to my collection. But maybe I already have added it to my collection???

One solution that I have started to use is my NAS mobile app, which lets me access my NAS file system as if it were located in the cloud. I can navigate to the folder for the artist/composer in question and confirm my existing collection.

If your Roon library is on NAS, you may have the same or similar mobile app available.


I need to look at the Synology app that would let me do this. I always have a fear of exposing my network outside my home.

I would also like this. Also, a simple way to print all albums into a list for a PDF for insurance.