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I have a script which records radio programmes for me and puts them into a folder so I can listen to them later. The filename is of the form Programme Name - Day - Date
The folder shows up in Roon under the name of the programme but lists the files alphabetically. Therefore I see the programmes in the order: Friday, Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
Is there a way to set them to display by Date Added?
Focus at the top of the list is greyed out.

Since all tracks are in a single folder, I am assuming this is the Album view, so these are sorted according to track number.

You could use My Tracks, and filter on programme name, and then click on the gear icon to add Date added. Clicking on this will sort ascending or descending.

Alternatively, modify your script to include the date in the track name, e.g., 20221222_etc.

That works, but your suggestion of changing the script to write a different filename is better.
The script writes the programme name and date as a tag inside the file, which Roon displays. If I change the filename then I can get them to display in order but still have the descriptive filename,

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