Listen the music not play in the last half year (create a smart playlist)


Is it possible to set a playlist (which contain the music have not played in the last half year)?

As I have a big music library, most of the music files were not played.
Is it possible to set up a smart playlist ( Random select 50 song which I did not listened in the past)


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I don’t think it’s possible to set it up as a playlist. However, you can certainly filter the relevant tracks/albums using the focus feature, then bookmark the result - this bookmark will be dynamic. You can then select all and shuffle play.

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As @dhusky says you can use focus filter “Played in the last 6 months” (or the other time frames), then invert the selection to set it to “not played” ( “-” minus sign), then make a bookmark for the view.

This can be done for albums and/or tracks. Then just hit “shuffle” and it will populate the queue with “random?” items from the filtered list. It’s more than fifty tracks but, you can always manually empty it and then refill it on your own after you are done listening.


Thank you very much.
It work.