ListenBrainz Scrobbling

Hello all,

Does anyone know if it is possible to create a ListenBrainz scrobbler as a Roon plugin? What would need to happen:

  1. Grab track artist name/track name/time.
    1b. Optionally, but HIGHLY wanted, grab arbitrary/custom track ID from file (MUSICBRAINZ_RELEASETRACKID/MUSICBRAINZ_WORKID)
  2. Send the listening status to ListenBrainz API.
  3. Once the song reaches, say, 75% completed, send the listened to status to the ListenBrainz API.

I assume the last two would be pretty easy. The first one is what I am most worried about.

Thanks for any advice.

You could start with looking at the listenbrainz web hook available for Plex.