Listening History Statistics

I really like the history details of all the songs I have listened to and for how long.

I’d love to have some stats included to summarise… i.e. listening time over x period on different types of music/artists etc…
something like the Focus options for discovering music.

6 Likes does that already. It is the main reason why scrobbling is useful.

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Ah interesting - i din’t know that… i will sign up and start scobbling !

I’d like this feature too, and I don’t use is free to join. You can always use a fake email address if necessary.

But does tell you about you listening habits in Roon, like the OP asked?

Ideally everything would be in Roon.
Having a ‘focus’ option on the history page would fit right in with the current design I think and save having to go to

Yes, if you set Roon up to scrobble

Rather than start again, I’ll bump this post.

I use lastfm and their analysis of my listening is quite interesting.

I would however like the Roon history to be searchable like the other fields in roon and also to have a focus option.

To be able to find out things like

what genre did I listen to most after midnight in the summer of 2016?

i.e. a full database searchability of my history.

History seems to be one of the few areas of Roon that time forgot.


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I’ve got to thinking what I’d like in 1.5 and it strikes me that the history page is the Cinderella aspect of Roon, and has been for quite some time. As Roon moves to being a part of our listening for several years, to be able to ask - what did I listen to this time last year? Last Christmas? After that horrific hangover in 2016 etc.

How often have I listened to David Bowie in the last year?

What songs have I listened to between 7 and 9am in the past 3 months.

You get the idea.



One more vote for this.

Listening statistics would be awesome.
Which genres are being played at what hours, most played tracks / genres per period… Etc etc

You could even let roon radio also learns from this …


or another idea:

give us the possibility to export our listening statistics in csv format from our personal roon database so we can do our own analysis of our own listening.

i would love to play around with my own data in power bi for instance…

Old thread but +1 on this. I love seeing my weekly playtime etc, would be nice if this was fleshed out some more for a monthly/yearly etc.

Now that voting on suggestions has been turned on, you should vote for it if this is important to you…

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I use for this as well.

So do i honestly, but it would be a nice thing to have under one roof. Even if it’s tighter integration