Listening on the same PC

Hi all,

I discovered Roon just now and unfortunately I will not be able to test it on my own in next few days, so I would like to ask you some questions…

I would like to use the Roon app on Windows 10 PC, but I am planning to listen music on the same PC where Roon is installed. So no streaming sound to another device. Is this possible or do I need another device? I have Sound Blaster AE-9 sound card inside this PC, so I would like to use Roon with this device.

Second thing…Can Roon be used when gaming?

So my main purpose to use Roon is for sound processing and EQ. Now I am using BOOM 3D audio, which is great, but I discovered there are some inconsistency, so I am finding alternative and everyone rates ROON very well.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Yes, I too listen on the same Win 10 PC where my core is loaded as well as streaming to other devices. No comment on Part 2

Yes absolutely! Been doing it for 6 years.

Well, it depends. Assuming you mean, playing a game but listening to your own audio files. You would need to run Roon in non-exclusive mode, ie, system output through the Windows Audio system, which would defeat any higher resolution efforts.

Additionally, Roon can have a tough time with gaming overlays and anything else which touches/controls the audio. So you would need to test to see if there are software incompatibilities in what you are trying to do.

What do you mean by this? Given your reference of Boom3D, There is no way to pipe audio INTO Roon just for the express purpose of using it’s sound engine and EQ. Roon does not create a virtual soundcard to route audio IN. So, for example, routing SKYRIM’s audio through Roon for processing/playback is not possible.