Listening Sessions

I’d like to be able to save listening sessions. Sometimes I’m in mood for exploring the ambient genre, sometimes classic, rock etc.

This feature would save an instance of the current state of roon, including the queue, back button, forward button, history etc.

i.e. Say I’m listening to some rock but it’s starting to give me a headache. The previous day I was chilling and listening to some ambient and was exploring some artists. I’d like to be able to go back to that session and continue where I left off after saving the current rock session to be able to go back to when I haven’t got a headache.

Anyway, it’s just an idea and wanted to put it out there, if it even makes sense!

Edit: I’m testing user profiles which seems to work well enough for now. The play history is distinct for each profile which is handy and will show where I left off between switching profiles. I think this is good enough :slight_smile:

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You can go into the history and the queue, long-press to select multiple tracks, then click the three dots button, then Add to playlist.

A bit of a workaround, but I think it sort of achieves what you’re looking to do. Hope this helps.


I don’t care about other things, but I would love to have multiple queues…

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I haven’t thought this through in detail, but I think it will work (assuming you have more than one audio device/zone). When you’re ready to save the current state, pause the music then transfer it to another zone. For example, if I were to do this I’d transfer it to the Nest Hub in my kitchen, as I rarely use it for playing music. All I’m using it for here is to store the current state of the session.

Once you’ve done this, switch back to your main listening zone and switch to whatever you’d like to listen to instead.

When you want to restore the previous listening session, switch to the zone you used to store the session (e.g. the Nest Hub in the Kitchen) and transfer it back to your main listening zone.


Thanks for the feedback @acidtest! What do you think of @jtnt’s suggestion? You can either select multiple tracks and add them to a playlist, or just click the 3-dot icon at the top right of the queue and add the entire queue to a playlist in one go.

If you start your listening session with a fresh queue, it’s a quick and easy way to save it for later.

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 12.40.43 PM

I want a Forked Queue, meaning I can interrupt my playing session, start a new Queue, then when I’m done, click something to revert back to the Queue I was previous listening to or perhaps any Queue I saved. But yeah, the save to a playlist will / would work, just would be alot easier to click Play New Queue

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Thanks, yeah playlists is how I do things without this session idea.

I like that, good work around cheers.

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It’s kind of how I do things already. Thanks for the input.

I think I’ve figured out another way. Just create a few different users and switch between them. I can’t test it at the moment though.

So creating a user profile kind of works how I envisioned listening sessions, only had a quick and need to test it in actual use. Forward and backwards uses the last profiles state but the history page is locked to the profile at least. Looks like it will do for now.

Edit: scrap the below idea, it doesn’t work with the queue, only the history so probably no use to you.

See my edit on my original post. I have an answer that might help you also.