Listening Time Disappeared

After the recent firmware update, all of my listening time vanished. Still not recording listening time as of this morning. Roon operates fine, but no listening time. FYI my Roon core is a Nucleus +. Any thoughts?

Same here.

This has happened to me today too (Core running Roon Server build 1272)

Have you tried rebooting/restarting your Core? We had this issue with an earlyaccess release and restarting the Core resolved the issue.

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It is fixed in today’s early access release, but not sure it got into the production build.

A reboot fixed it for several hours but that becomes tedious through the day.

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Having the same issue this evening and I’ve tried a reboot too. Is there any official news of a fix coming for this? And would users get their history back after a fix? Thanks in advance.


As @Michael_Harris said, it’s been fixed in last night’s earlyaccess release so no doubt it will be included in the next production release.


Sounds good look forward to it thanks @RBO :+1:

And the good news is that no listening stats are lost, it’s only a display issue
(A good thing for some of us listening stats nerds :nerd_face:)


restarting this topic, because it still happens to me on build 1272. Have to restart the core to get the stats back for several hours. (Core running on Mac Monterey 12.6.6)
Not a showstopper, but slightly annoying…

My play history disappeared today, strangely I used it about 30 minutes prior to it going, any ideas would be appreciated

It’s currently a bug, they are working on it

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