Listening to a hidden gem (just one suggestion each!)

We have quite a few threads along the ‘what are we listening to?’ lines but I thought there was probably room for this one too, focussing on hidden gems - albums that maybe aren’t that well known, but that we find personally meaningful, moving, uplifting, or exemplary for some other reason.

My personal choice - one of my absolute all-time favourite albums - is this one:


So, if you’re interested, post your personally meaningful hidden gems below. I’d suggest we stick to one album each - more thought required, and the thread won’t get swamped.


I like this idea! Here’s one of favorite gems:


That’s not an album I’d come across, but it’s a great listen :slight_smile: Thanks.

Her vocals may haunt my soul for eternity. She has a live album that is exceedingly well recorded, only the sound of the applause gives it away between tracks.







…on a fantastic album!


This is a recent discovery and I’m so glad I found it. Available on both Tidal and Qobuz.

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Would stating why it’s a gem to you not add to the thread?

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Slightly off topic but how are you guys seeing the comes in your screen grabs?

Wonderful album, indeed. It was one of the many great records available at the Bowers & Wilkins Music Society. Damn, I miss that service.


“the comes” ?

I think he meant the Comments


They aren’t screen grabs. For any track or album click in the three dot menu and go to Share which gives you a link . There is a field for user comments in the share pages.


Not sure how hidden these are - 3 are in my library and favourites. (Obviously not the hideous jazz :face_vomiting: album @Ralph_Pantuso :wink: )

I will have a go with am album i love which has some good music luminaries on it. Rupert Hines, Trevor Morais, elkie brooks, penguin cafe orchestra etc. Sort of funk meets prog meets pop meets just the straight peculiar. “The Seance (Too Spooky)” for example, is about a dancing ghost who crashes a seance.


@ged_hickman1 I will take it that your generous use of emojis means that you’re joking about my taste in jazz. Nonetheless I really don’t understand why for some reason or other people feel that it’s okay to trash talk jazz. There’s lots and lots and lots of musical genres that are posted throughout this community board that I feel are deserving of ridicule but I just let it be. To each his own is my way of looking at it. That said there is one exception - audiophile dreck, e.g. the much lauded Casino Royale soundtrack, deserving of all the trash talk one can throw it.

I wasn’t particularly trashing Jazz, only because you posted it :slight_smile:. Mind you there’s jazz and there’s JAZZ.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy the visual to go with the auditory

And then there’s your favorite kind of jazz - free (aka avant-garde) jazz. :saxophone: :wink: