Listening to Burntable collections

I’m not sure how this can work but is there a way to write a plugin, etc for roon that would allow me to listen to both my and others’ collections on burntable?

I emailed burntable and they said they have an API and they’d be open to making it work I just need to tell them which endpoints roon needs. They have 96k 24bit flac files as well as (what I am told) “qaac encoded ~512k VBR aac files”. I’m assuming I would need to “sign in to burntable” through roon to expose my drops.

Ideally this would work like Tidal. However, on BT I have both collections that are things I’m considering buying as well as things I’ve bought which I listen to as well (aka my drops).

Not sure if this will make sense or how many of you are vinyl junkies as well as roon junkies. I certainly am both!