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pop music remix DJ’s Two Friends have a mix series on SoundCloud

This is like pre-game for a football game/match… party music

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Hello there

Any recommendation about some good tune released this year?

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Here’s something from Denmark, where I come from

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Just out today. Featuring Dot Major (of London Grammar).


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Weird, when I searched Dot Major this album didn’t come up under any of the results (Performers, Composers, TIDAL Albums, etc). With him as a collaborator you would think it would show up somewhere when you search his name. Found it when I searched SG Lewis though.

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Yeh it may (or not) be the way Roon handles “feat.”. No such issue with the Tidal desktop app though.

I’ve seen a ‘feature request’ for how Roon handles “feat.” somewhere, so hopefully that improves. @joel.


Not a fan of Hardcore but discovered this track at Defqon.1 2010 and I liked it.

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Been enjoying this album for a few weeks now. It has that airy production that I like.
I guess it’s indie electronica due to the singing or rather whispering on some tracks,
If you only want to listen to instrumental tracks, try out “Swiss Bicycle”, “Town Square” and “Maglev”.


Discovered here thanks to you! I like this one.


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This legend doesn’t slow down.


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Liking this a lot

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