Listening to Electronic/House/techno/IDM/EDM

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I could play every track from this album! A favourite! Trentemoller. Great for testing gear.

(Nondual) #63

Yes! Quality stuff

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Nice synthwave vibes, reminded me of this one

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Is Tokyo Run on Tidal am struggling a little to locate it?

(Nondual) #67

Unfortunately it’s not. I bought it from Woob on bandcamp. I buy all of his albums, really good music

(Scott Fletcher) #68

Thanks will give it a spin :0)

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Top of weekly chart. This thread is booming :sunglasses:


Too many good stuff to listened to…
Regarding the little “late night show” discussion…what about Qlimax, anyone heard about it? I used to attend these events from 10pm to 6am, the show was fantastic. And the music, too…if you like Hardstyle! :nerd_face:

I like Hard Bass, too:

The way they organized the party was impressive. These Dutch people are so good at music and event planning.

(Mark Edwards) #75

Just listening to this now :grinning:

(Mark Edwards) #76

Great name for a tune.


(JonC) #78

Great Album! Love it!

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(Nick) #80

What a great thread. I have just spent the last hour or so sampling almost everything in Tidal (who says Tidal is just JZ!!!). Some great library additions. Thanks all

(Wayne Bull) #81

A couple of my absolute electronic faves…

Hieroglyphic Being as lots of old school elements in it but still sounds very modern.

Kara-lis Coverdale is a 22 minute feast of electronica with troughs and peaks galore.

Brilliant stuff…