Listening to Electronic/House/techno/IDM/EDM

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Love this. Very talented kid.

Just watch out for the intentional distortion around the middle… you’ll know :grin:


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FAKETHIAS from Norway.

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I’m not sure what to post here as I am a very casual consumer I’m not really sure what artists/genres come under the banner. I do like a bit of dubstep, does that count? I was looking at the all monthly releases earlier and Dais was categorised as Detroit Techno- which I didn’t know was a thing…
Is there a Electronic/House/techno/IDM/EDM family tree of genres anywhere?
(I’m middle aged so bear with me)

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Love Hed Kandi, hard to find on Tidal!

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“The reference” for people asking this question for ~20 years has been Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music. Being that old, it actually requires flash! If you can still do that, check it out here:

And yes - Detroit Techno is most definitely a thing! Detroit actually created techno - Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Jeff Mills are all from the early days of Detroit Techno. (One thing to note here is that in a lot of places in the world, “Techno” is used as an umbrella term for “electronic dance music” - whereas within the electronic dance music space, techno is a specific genre, with specific sounds, structure, and rhythms).

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Talking of techno…


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And now for some minimalistic techno to get the day started!

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Another EP from the same label Granulart.

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Jon Hopkins Remix

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if you know, you know… :wink:

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David Guetta (still rockin at 50 years young!) is old enough to be Martin Garrix’s dad (22) !

Great collab between these 2 heavyweights.


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Back to his roots :sunglasses:


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Ooh, his dark side… very cool.