Listening to my Roon library on a network music server with my iPad

I have Roon installed on my music server on my main audio system. I would like to play that music library using my iPad.

Not yet a feature of Roon remote running on iOS.

Hi Tom,

If you would like to control the music playing on your main audio system from your iPad, then install the Roon Remote app available in the App Store. See this KB page for requirements.

If you would like to send music to the iPad so that it plays music or sends it on, then Jeremy is correct that the iOS Roon app doesn’t currently operate as an Output. See Brian’s post here for an overview and the post referred to in that for more technical discussion. The devs hope to expand the iOS app to include an Output but are constrained as set out in Brian’s post.

My current solution for this is to run Plex server as well as their client can do iOS playback.

my €250 android Jide tablet does, but it’s not as cute as a ipad and heavier.