Listing albums based on DSD, FLAC, MP3, 24-96 etc

Is there any way in Album view to list just your DSD albums, just 24-96 FLAC albums or by any other exclusive metadata for that matter?

I’m currently evaluating ROON for 60 day. I’ve used JRiver MC for a few years and it seems way more functional and practical than ROON or am I missing something?

Yes. Use Focus(at the top of albumview)
A read of the knowledge base is probably a good idea as the UI is kept clean. Stuff can be hidden.
A lot of the people here are or were jriver users.

Ah Ha. thanks for that. I can now list my hi-res albums. However the Genre listing in focus is a bit limiting … can it be edited? I’d like to list say my Pro-Rock albums, but that’s not included in the genres.

Found out how to list my prog-rock albums by creating a book mark too. thanks