Listing all corrupt files [Answered]

I have seen a couple of files come up marked as corrupt, which I have replaced. I have only just loaded my database and it would be great to pull a list of all files marked as corrupt to fix them. Is there a way I can do this?

Settings > Library > Skipped files will give you an overview of all files Roon was not able to import, including corrupt ones. You can export this list to Excel if you wish.

Thank you, Rene, this is helpful. However, I was more looking at those files that have actually imported but are marked as corrupt. Is there a way to get a list of these?

Roon doesn’t import corrupt files.

So, I have files in my database that show in Roon as corrupt. The files show in Roon and there are reports of Roon choosing to play corrupt files in the community files, and they are not listed in the skipped files list. So, they are there, even though you say they can’t be, and I would like to get a list of them…

It can (sort of). For example, I have some odd mp3 files that the Windows version of Roon will import, but after importing and file analysis is complete, I can sort all tracks by dynamic range, and these files don’t have DR values and are labled as “corrupt” in Roon. Note however that these files will PLAY just fine in Roon.

However, these same files will NOT import into the linux version of Roon I run (SonicTransporter i5). They show up in skipped files as corrupt.

Interesting, my Roon experience is 99.999% Linux, hence I’ve never seen Roon import it considers corrupt.

Yes, it is odd. I’ve got another thread about this and support is working on this with some sample files I provided. Not a major deal, as most of my files are FLAC, and the problem seems to be (for me) only with odd mp3 files (old podcasts, etc. that are 22k, mp3 ver 2.5, and other odd situations).

I’m using MacOS.

The files are sitting on an Auralic Altair, on its internal 1TB SSD. Very elegant.

Use: Focus --> Inspector --> Corrupt

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Beautiful!!! Took me a while to figure out how to follow your instructions, but they are perfect.
Thank you, Carl.

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