Little "now playing" three-column bar disappears whenever adding/liking an album

See screenshot below - when I first select a track, it shows the little moving bar to the left of the active track - the moment I add/like the album, the track continues to play but the bar disappears - so in the image below, I am listening to music - but the active track bar is not shown:

It’s a known quirk of how Roon handles the display of albums within versus not within your library, discussed numerous times here…

In short:
You’re selecting an album not yet in your library and play it, getting the animated playing icon in front of the currently playing song.
Now you add the album to your library while it plays, which creates a new entity causing the animated playing icon to vanish, because the displayed album is still the version external to your library.
If you now switch to overview and select the just added album in your library, it’ll show the animated playing icon again.

Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger… :wink:

Yes, I had figured that - my issue was whether the “quirk” will be fixed or not.

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