Little Snitch can hang Roon

Thought my experience might be useful to others who may be experiencing Roon freezing: if you are running Little Snitch, that may be the culprit. If you disable Little Snitch you’ll soon know if that is what’s hanging Roon up. If so you can either leave Little Snitch disabled, or spend some time configuring LIttle Snitch to get along with Roon.

I’m on a Mac, but in this case I don’t think the OS, hardware, or other factors are involved: just Little Snitch not getting along with Roon.

I haven’t had any issue with Little Snitch using the following rules:

Are you using a more restrictive set of rules?

OS versions at play here?

There are many posts about Snitch screwing up Roon, so your most recent post is a reminder to be wary.