Live lyrics about 2 seconds ahead of time via airplay


core is my Macbook, and I then run music via my ipad. I noticed that when I go to the output via Airplay, the live lyrics are always a bit ahead in time, changing line maybe a couple of seconds in advance. I also notice that the time count of the song as displayed in roon is typically those 2 seconds ahead - that is, the song sound would really start at 0:00 but the roon time bar is already at 00:02 when the first sound emerges.

I am connected to B&W formation.

When instead I connect my ipad to the speakers via bluetooth and then use my ipad as zone directly, this delay does not happen.

I understand airplay does this 2 second buffering, but is there some simple trick to get the lyrics back in sync with the music in roon when using airplay?


Same thing happening for me to, Windows 10