Live Music Is Returning...Slowly

NRBQ with John Sebastian at The Bearsville Theater, Woodstock, NY on Friday August 27, 2021

It was great to see live music coming back. Proof of vaccination or rapid COVID test (negative, of course) was required plus masks were needed when moving about the venue.

Oh and the music was fantastic!


Yes, we had our first gig on august 21st,
Roseanne Reid opened, then Bobby Bazini all the way from Canada as The Wandering Hearts launched their UK tour


That’s awesome Chris! Just from following you here on the Roon Community I know how much you love and promote LIVE MUSIC. It is so great to hear that you are back in action. Good luck with all your future endeavors.


Thanks, it’s a team effort and I’m only a small cog but it’s great to be back…


I saw John Mayall at City Winery NYC on Sunday night. Last time I saw him was 1991 in Amsterdam! Good show and good crowd. John is 88. Voice still reasonably good and good keyboard. No harmonica (not surprising). Super tight band. John’s short term memory is a bit problematic, but his band kept him on track. John seemed happy and engaged. We should all be so lucky at almost 89.


Have tickets for Steely Dan on October 19th.
Seems an eternity since I attended a live gig!

I am hoping something worthwhile will pop up before that too!


This is also coming up locally and by the look of the lineup it should be excellent!

“Jacksonville Jazz Festival – City of Jacksonville, Florida”

Great lineup. No mention of COVID protocols, though. Probably because they are illegal in Florida.

Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Landmark Legislation to Ban Vaccine Passports and Stem Government Overreach

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Florida has decided that Covid does not exist…

Politics Trump’s Science.

Pun intended


And almost all of the US has decided that the pandemic is over, except for the media, who are still screaming “Save Yourselves!!!”