Live music tracking/reading

Hello! I am having an issue with how Roon reads my live music tracks. So, the majority of the songs have like d1t1, d1t2 in the song title. My Aurender would seperate these correctly like:


However, Roon is puting them in order like this:

Is there any way I can correct this? Going throuhg and doing metadata tagging would take me hundreds of hours


any guidance here would be huge. TIA

If there is no metadata giving the disc and track numbers to tracks in the albums, then Roon is likely to just list tracks in simple alphabetical order, which can give rise to the strange arrangements that you are seeing. I suspect that you may be faced with editing your metadata.

thanks the response, I appreciate it. Still so odd to be that it doesnt read the disc number in the title but does read the track number. I have used a lot of different streaming setups and Roon is the 1st one ever to do this

Can you check the metadata that you currently have in your track files? Are you using both track numbers and disc numbers currently, or just track numbers?

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