Live Notifications Issue - MacOS

Hi there! Under my Preferences > Notifications > Live Notifications, I’ve clicked on the button to deny permission for notifications (huge mistake!)… it now says “Permission Denied”, how can I switch it back to the default state? Thanks.

Which OS are you using? iOS, Android?

MacOS, thanks.

I am not a Mac guy, although I’d guess there is a Notification settings area that I’d check. I moved your post to the Support section so someone more versed in MacOS can jump in.

Appreciate it thanks Daniel!

Hi @Benjamin_Pitot,

What browser are you using? Notification settings will need to be changed in your browser’s settings. On Chrome, for example, you’ll need to go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Notifications.

Thanks Dylan, I am on Safari. I’ll let you know if I encounter any issues, cheers!

@dylan Hi Dylan - I’ve managed to change the setting in Safari however I think there may be some confusion on what the Enable Notifications button under “Live Notifications” actually does. The first time I accessed this page, you kinda of want to click on it to enable notifications, where in fact when you click on it, it disabled notifications. I suggest to change the button to say something like: Notifications Enabled. Does this make sense?

Thanks for the feedback, @Benjamin_Pitot. Our forums are based on the Discourse software. This is the standard behavior for any website that uses Discourse so, unfortunately, we aren’t able to make this change ourselves. I’m glad that things are working for you now, though!

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