Live radio (BBC) AAC Streams no longer work

Live radio (BBC) AAC Streams no longer work - message - “Playback interrupted because a track failed to load” however MP3 live radio streams work as normal.

Hello @Nigel_Webster, I don’t see a problem here. Do you have problems with other aac streams (non BBC)?
(Try CJSW - that’s a .aac only station)

Are you running a QNAP by any chance?

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That’s a good shout, it turns out that all AAC files have stopped streaming (I haven’t noticed before now as I routinely select the best version available), and yes you are correct about my Roon Server being on QNAP NAS. Any suggestions?

Yes, see this post and the accompanying thread.
There was a change to QNAP’s ffmpeg in a recent upgrade but due to the sterling work of @crieke a solution has been found. Let him know if you have problems - he has kindly offered to help if you have difficulties but the video explains it all.

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