Live Radio improvements needed

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Description Of Issue
Limited selection of Live Radio stations.

How can more internet radio stations be added that stream in lossless files? There seems to be no way to add more stations so it appears that the Roon team would need to add.

One good example is a JB Radio-2 that now has a lossless stream I can play through a Naim streamer

Hi @Stephen_Johnson,

Live Radio stations are added and edited by our Curation team! You can request updates in #live-radio or if you’re interested in helping, you can sign up to be a Curator!

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Hello @Stephen_Johnson,
JB Radio-2 is in the database and has a flac stream.

If you search for flac all the lossless radio stations will show up.


Another good reason for me to read these posts, learn something new everyday. Thanks for that!

Did the search on Flac with 7 Live Radio response included the OP’s JB Radio-2. Trying Radio Paradise now.

7? There should be over 30.

Right, there were 7 on the initial screen. I missed the View All tab.

Happens to all of us…

Enjoy exploring the stations.

I’ve used the view all and didn’t find the FLAC stations. Also don’t know where to search for FLAC live radio. Only search field I’m aware of is for artists etc

On the roon screen select the the magnifying icon, upper right and enter flac. That will return a screen that includes the Live radio stations. Then select view all.

I wasn’t aware of that before you started this post. Good stuff to know.

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Thanks Mike and others who responded to my post. I found the FLAC live radio stations and learned something new. Love the sound quality and discovery of new music/artists

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