Live radio keeps dropping every couple minutes

I have a fairly new setup, both with my DAC as well as with Roon. iPad remote, PC core, Mytek streaming DAC. I love to listen to live radio but the stream drops quite often using Roon. One minute, five minutes, ten minutes, hard to say exactly. It comes right back when I try to reacquire, but doesn’t last long.

Any thoughts?

Hi @Doug_Forbes,

Does this happen with every station?

If you play to System output instead of the Mytek is there any change?

Sorry for the delay, had to get a replacement Mytek (Brooklyn Bridge). Took a couple of weeks.

The problem with losing the live radio stream happens with every station I have tried. It also happens when I route the playback through my iPad, so probably it is not the Mytek at fault.

My internet signal is good for everything else, as far as I know, but it may need testing for continuity for this particular setup. My old Squeezebox setup had a buffer, which smoothed out a lot of interruptions I suspect. I don’t know if the Roon setup offers a buffer like that, but if it did I would certainly try it.

the other issue I occasionally deal with, which may be related, is that my iPad remote sometimes loses and quickly regains access to my core (my PC), out of the blue. But the radio stream will drop far more often than the remote loses connection with the core; they are not all that correlated in time.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the details here, @Doug_Forbes.

Do you have TIDLA or Qobuz? Do you experience any playback issues with them?

Can you provide some additional information about your Core machine (CPU/RAM/etc)? How is your Core connected? Ethernet or WiFi?

CPU = I7 7700 HQ
I use both Wifi and Ethernet out of the Core machine, though only Ethernet for connection to the Brooklyn Bridge. (wifi only on the iPad).

I don’t know if it was truly the problem, but my wireless router has both 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ login options, so I assume it has two “subnets” – I hope that is an accurate description. I read somewhere that such subnets don’t talk to each other, but I am not technically literate enough to know if that is true. (Which “subnet” the Ethernet cable connects to, I have no idea.) Nonetheless, I have now made sure that both my remote and my Core machines are using the same wifi connections and login information. Now whether that was the problem or not, I have not had the dropping problem for the last couple of days, on any station. So that is good! I can’t argue with success, however I got there.

I do not yet subscribe to Qubuz or Tidal, but will likely do so, and will report back if those higher-res streams cause problems.

Thanks for your help.

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