Live radio metadata broken

Since the new update added the feature that allows you to click on a streaming track and goto an album etc, the data meta data has stopped stoped displaying on any of my devices with displays. This includes Denon receivers as well as my Bose radios.

Is there a way to get the streaming metadata back? All I see now is the radio station name.


It shouldn’t have gone.
Can you give an example of a station/channel with the problem?
And just to confirm, you have a steaming service active? The live metadata won’t work without one.

AirPlay? ChromeCast (GoogleCast)?

Airplay in all cases.

WFUV used to work whenever they provided data. (some shows don’t because they are playing old records etc) I noticed that if the selection allows me to click on it with the new feature, it won’t show that on my devices. If the selection does not show with the new feature, it does show on the devices. This is Denon, Yamaha, and Bose. All Airplay 1

I don’t think that the non-display of metadata via AirPlay (How is the behavior with GoogleCast?) on devices with displays is intended.


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So just to be clear. Something was broken when the new feature was added. Curious if there could be a method to toggle the feature off. As cool as it is, I’d rather have the metadata back on all my receivers. @support

Does the problem occur on other stations? I’ve been playing with WFUV and their metadata seems unreliable with both Roon and VLC.

VLC sometimes gets it but only after a while, while Roon seems to get stuck on a listing even when things have changed.

Yes, the same for every station. Try WKZE for example. @support

Ok. That station has no problems for me but I’m not using airplay.

BTW. WKZE is not on our list of stations. I’ll see of I can add it, although their standard stream is causing me problems on Live Radio, while OK on My Live Radio.

Managed to add WKZE. Just in case others like it…

Thanks, glad you were able to add it. I was just giving as an example. Any thought as to what is happening with Airplay ?



Afraid not. Need to wait for the experts.

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Thanks for the report, @Matt_Rosenberg. I’ve passed this along to the team for investigation.

Curious if there is any update on this? None of the updates have resolved this since I last posted.


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