Live Radio - nice add, but appears to have broken all my programmed "internet radio" stations

I’m happy to see you goign down the road of internet radio stream integraiton. Congrats.

That said, all my per-programmed internet radio stations are gone.

  1. How do i recover them?
  2. How do i add new stations?
  3. How do i create a useful list of just those i wish to have quick access to? A long list is no list (kinda like asking for my phone number and being tossed the master backup tar of the white pages)

Help! I’m sure reading all about Live radio will produce some answers, but you broke it, and i don’t have time at the moment.


Are they not all there under the My Live Radio a bit lower down on the menu? Mine are.

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Yes. Took me a second to realize that there is a separate menu item for my saved radio stations.

lower down in which menu? If you mean, after i select live radio, no. I have:

recently played
popular stations


Wait, yes it is there. Thanks. But its a lame victory.

  1. It is suppressed in default mode - under “more”
  2. Its way down on the list and not part of live radio - so now i have saved stuff and new discoveries in different parts of the menu tree. Who thought THAT was good idea? Crazy!

But thank you, at lest i can find the stuff. Now maybe in the next release ROON can make this logical.

Dont get me wrong - tighter integration of streaming radio is great. But ignoring the fact that we all have our own preferred list is missing the point that every radio designer has known since 1950s AM radios had pushbuttons… :slight_smile:


agree. It seems like a “favorites” section should simply be part of the Live Radio page. Most likely at the TOP of this page.

I’ve moved this to the #live-radio area.

that would be my solution. Almost anything is better than the current situation. At the top: what we don’t listen to. Buried at the bottom: what we do.

My Live Radio off the main menu is where your selected radio stations are.